आफत की ज़ियाफत  ۔   यावर माजिद

Penned by Yawar Maajed, also known as Dr. Seuss of India, Aafat Ki Ziyaafat is an amazing story poem with silly graphics. The little Puplu in this story embarks on arranging a feast party at his home and then comes across all kinds of crazy guests, and he treats them accordingly. The giggles of your little one will start from the very first stanza and will keep getting louder as they progress through each page. This book is printed in Urdu and Hindi separately and along with Urdu and Hindi, Roman English is also included for the readers that can't read the Urdu and Hindi script fluently. A list of unfamiliar words is included at the end with their meaning for the readers. A song version of this amazing story is available on Yawar Maajed's social media channels including YouTube and Facebook. Happy reading!