About Ghazal Sara Dot Org.

Ghazal Sara Dot Org is my labor of love project. After publishing urdu literature on several sites (SukhanSara.com since 2011) I decided to take it up a notch and make an Urdu literature portal like none other. Here you will find classical and contemporary Urdu poetry in the most organizedc form.

Below are a few of the features of this site you would love if you are a student of Urdu poetry.

Ghazal Sara Dot Org will never have any image bnased poetry, it will always be unicode text that you can copy and use except for when the page prohibits to do so because of copyrights issue.

Unlike other Urdu portals, Ghazal Sara Dot Org will never violate any copy rights of any poet either. All poetry here is either from the poets who are no longer in this world, or through explicit permission by them.

In order to cover our expenses and get something back from the immense amount of work put into this site, we are also publishing works from selected poets. Our books are available in almost the entire planet on poetals like Amazon, Barnes and Nobal, Books A Million and our eBooks on Apple iBooks. We intend to publish our eBooks on other eBook platforms as well.

If you want to publish your book through our platform, please contact me. Unlike traditional Pakistani and Indian publishers, I don't charge authors any money, instead, I will share the book sales profits with you. This does not mean that I can print ANYTHING that comes my way. Your work will be evaluated by a carefully selected panel and only then I can take up the project.

Ghazal Sara Dot Org is a registered limited liable company in USA in the state of Illinois.

If you want to be a part of this project and want to help, feel free to donate for this cause. Currently I don't have a Go Fund Me page established, but when I do, I will put a link here for you.


Yawar Maajed